Jillian Theorgood, President/Owner

Meet Jillian Theorgood

Jillian Theorgood is founder of HR and Benefits to You. She has dedicated over 20 years of her life to developing human resource departments in corporate and non-profit sectors. Jillian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Health from St. Joseph’s University, a Health and Insurance license in eight states including the tristate area, and is a long-standing member of the Society for Human Resource Management.  Jillian is an avid networker and enjoys attending events with the African American Chamber of Commerce, Funtime Magazines and countless others.  To give back to her community, Jillian spent 9 years as a volunteer Head Track coach and has been a local politician in Darby Borough since 2012.

About her business: “HR and Benefits to You” was founded to assist small organizations with maintaining compliance in Human Resources and connecting them to pathways and affordable benefits for themselves and employees.

Our company listens to what is important to our clients and collaborates with their decision makers to find the right solution. Regardless of the size of the organization, clients deserve clear access to Human Resource advice and affordable benefit options for their employees. Our vision is to take the guess work out of operations and replace it with clear steps and procedures. Every working adult should have access to some type of insurance coverage to protect them against significant financial loss if they are injured or suffer from a serious illness. No one should have to decide between getting the proper treatment and paying their bills. On the flip side, many small organizations have limited funds allocated towards benefits. There are plans that do not cost the business owner any money. We believe that business owners should not have to experience high turnover or lose their best employees to competitors over their benefits package.  

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As a business owner, you probably care deeply for your employees and like to provide them with a comprehensive, tailor fit employee benefit program to fit their needs. But you also run a business and have to remain focused on the bottom line. If you’re like many other business owners, you struggle with maintaining an equitable balance. At HR and Benefits To You, we can help.